180-hour TESOL certification course

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*ATC 테솔을 선택하게된 이유는 무엇인가요??

: I recently completed the 180-hour TESOL certification course to improve my classroom experience and learn effective teaching methods for non-native English speakers. 

* ATC테솔을 수강하면서 느낀 점

: This course covered listening, grammar, reading, and writing, providing valuable concepts applicable to various topics. The online format allowed flexibility and self-paced learning, ensuring a thorough understanding of the content. I highly recommend this course for educators seeking a comprehensive understanding of English language instruction. It has been a valuable investment for my professional growth and will enhance my students' learning experience.

* 앞으로의 계획은 어떻게 되시나요??

: As I prepare to open an academy in Korea, this course will help me create an effective curriculum.